Teaching, Research, and International Policy Project

The Teaching, Research, and International Policy (TRIP) is a research lab at William & Mary’s Global Research Institute (GRI).

GRI empowers teams of students and faculty to make a difference in the world. GRI is a multidisciplinary hub that brings together academics, practitioners, and students to apply research to real world issues. TRIP contributes to this mission by investigating the relationship between international relations theory and practice, and conducts research exploring how best to “bridge the gap” between them to address IR’s 21st century challenges.

For the last 20 years, TRIP has explored the discipline of international relations (IR): who teaches it, how it’s taught, and its relationship to the policy world. With the support of the Carnegie Corporation of New York, TRIP works to “bridge the gap” between policymakers and scholars in IR to solve the 21st century’s most pressing foreign policy problems. To do this, TRIP conducts a variety of surveys of IR scholars in the United States through our Snap Polls, and around the world in periodic Faculty Surveys. TRIP has also compiled comprehensive databases of academic and policy journal articles to track long-term trends in the discipline.